Healing and Psychic Powers from ​CANADA!

​​ psychic Powers    Confidential and accurate!   ...CHRISTINE 1-877-271-0779  Paypal(more secure)  $125.00 a session, per person (Canadian).  Accept on Sundays.Your choice of tea leaf , Tarot, Angel cards or Colour Healing! Reiki Master energy included!

Psychic power to aide you in your future.

 Faith healing with Rieki and Results work as well as using the psychic abilities for guidance in your life! Offers treatments for stress reduction, relaxation and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual distance healing.

  This includes REIKI MASTER:                     ( Pronounced RAY -KEY) is an ancient Tibetan -Japanese energy, to relax the body, mind and spirit; also to receive the Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki sessions are soothing, non evasive experiences resulting in deep relaxation and harmony within the body, mind and spirit.

      Clearing energy blocks in the Chakra system.

    Relieving headaches, inflamed sinuses, fevers, congestion, back and shoulder pain; sciatica, low energy, stress anxiety and insomnia.

    Assisting in healing of broken bones,sprains, areas afflicted by surgery and illness.

 AURA and COLOUR HEALING:         Colour and energy surrounding the body which is to assist in healing and balancing the body, mind and spirit!


           TEA LEAF READINGS:  For the year coming, in detail! Show your guides and angels as well!                                    ​TAROT and ANGEL CARDS:                                          With a natural gift of psychic ability and clairvoyance, the energy comes through the cards to bring guidance and a spiritual connection to your life.

     With this guidance you have the free will to change direction in order to suit your needs. The Angel cards are  an accurate way to guide you in the moment with messages from your angels.

    As well as Rorhig Tarot which is in very fine detail as well...your future awaits!  Thank you!


 YOU must be open to the amount of energy you receive for healing. Studied Oneness energy, colour healing(auras); Reiki Master; as well as natural psychic gifts.


   These techniques  have been used for centuries and have been a miracle in the happening! Give it a try!

  CHRISTINE has been involved in several events such as lectures, workshops and psychic fairs  in  Ontario,  and Quebec, Canada                

My Predictions:

  The LIBRALS will be in power for 2  elections!  God Bless them as they  will need the guidance of God/Goddess!        

     There will more crimes in Canada that will be dealt will under house arrest, minor and as well as some blue collar crimes(corporate).

Lawyers will be busy with separation and divorce as it is a one year.

     Trump will create war in his own country, as well he will not be in power by the end of 2018.

      Isis will be controlled by the invasion of the US government.

There will be unusual weather in Africa.

  Aides will be having a break through before the end of 2017.


         Investing in your self and healing with other forms of energy,  will help your progress.

The U.S.A. boarders will incorporate a wall, with the help of security funding which will cost more than what Obama had planned with screening devices. Things are not turning for the better. Hopefully there will not be a war between those countries as the stress between them intensifies with the erection of the wall.                         HAPPY BIRTH DAY, CANADA           December is a 3/4 vibration which is all about creativity, being optimistic, gregarious, persuasive, fun loving and generous! As well as the energy of the trinity. We are looking at the past and beyond to fetch our desires. Do not make major decisions . Leave behind the things that do not serve you.Full moon is a super moon in Gemini; black and white are weak.Where does the illusion stop and reality start? Deception as well as dreaminess in your head. Release negative energy and self talk, energy  as well as relationships. Air signs... get into nature; Earth signs... lucky in love; Water... signs taking a step back and Fire... signs speak YOUR truth!God/Goddess Blessings!




            Katie is engaged!                                                       Darlene has a new outlook on life!     Lee is  happy with her husband because of' RESULTS!'                                     Virginia has won her case!                    Bob likes his new place!                                                                                               Ann has lost weight through  Reiki!                                                                         Doug has found his soulmate, perfect job and the new farm in record time! 

Found Lucia, her soulmate!          Marsha  has her new home and kitten as predicted!

     Investment advice to business           tycoon: Egon!                                                 KM Facilities is going strong as I have predicted.

      Wedding bells for my daughter and her husband(as predicted).                James is a professional Landscaper, now!                                                      Found a new planet, how exciting that this has happened!

             THANK YOU!